Version 1.71 RC1


This file lists changes in CrazyStat versions. For even more details, you might want to have a look at the SVN logs.

Version 1.71

1.71 RC1

1.71 beta2

1.71 beta1

Version 1.70

1.70 Final




Note: CrazyStat was available in German only up to version 1.70 RC1 which is the first released version to introduce multilanguage-support. Therefore I did not think it was necessary to translate "history" into English. Newer changes are documented in English. If you can't live without knowing about CrazyStat's old days, contact me and I might translate it for you ;)


Version 1.63

Version 1.62B

Version 1.62 A

Version 1.62

Version 1.61

Version 1.60

Version 1.53

Version 1.52

Version 1.51

Version 1.50